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Vrinda G - Delhi, India

“Working with Audrey was the best part of my LSAT journey. In addition to being a wonderful teacher, she is also a great listener and went over and beyond her duties in helping me deal with my personal issues that were interfering with the test preparation. As a tutor, she is extremely knowledgeable, imparts different concepts with utmost clarity and a joy to work with. It was my honor to work with Audrey."

MK - Houston, TX

“I met Audrey while participating in the University of Houston Law Center's Pre-Law Pipeline Program. She was an LSAT instructor for the program, and somehow she was able to meet the individual needs of all 30 students in the classroom. Furthermore, she's an excellent LSAT instructor because she explained concepts like logical reasoning in a way that was easy to understand. Finally, in addition to Audrey's teaching abilities, she's an incredibly welcoming and encouraging person. I'm thankful to have met her!"

Molly V - Houston, TX

"Audrey is the best! Her knowledge of standardized tests and how to maneuver them is invaluable. Audrey has helped all 3 of my children not only with the SAT and ACT but with school subjects and application essays. She does it all! She can help any level of learner and has numerous methods on how to take the test successfully and calmly. She also has such a knack for working with students and helping them gain confidence. She has very flexible hours and does her best to work around your schedule."

Nicole V - Houston, TX

“I was absolutely terrified for my SAT my senior year. I have never been strong at test taking and my confidence level was very low. Audrey not only helped me understand how to take the SAT, gain the confidence I deserved, but also provided a support system for me. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone. She was phenomenal and I am still so proud of the work I did and she was the one who helped me to get there."

Nicole O - Houston, TX

“Audrey is the BEST TUTOR I HAVE EVER HAD! She raised my ACT score 8+ points! She drastically improved my college essays and worked with me to raise my math and reading scores for the ACT. Audrey is extremely easy to work with and is the most patient person I have ever met. She taught me the ins-and-outs of the ACT and was very informative about college admissions. Audrey's clear goal is to get students to their target college, program, etc. I strongly recommend working with Audrey because she is super involved with her students as opposed to big ACT/SAT tutoring companies that have many students and can only focus so much of their time on each individual. When I was working with Audrey I always felt that I was on top of things and she teaches not by the book but how she thinks I would best understand it, and it worked! She is truly the best tutor and will help you better understand the ACT/SAT and how to obtain the highest score possible! I was recently accepted into Tulane University and I strongly believe that Audrey is the reason why I got to where I am now! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

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